Titanium makes Hosea a medical marvel

Hosea Eising is the only person in Australia to be fitted with a specialised, US-made titanium rod in his leg.
Hosea Eising is the only person in Australia to be fitted with a specialised, US-made titanium rod in his leg. Nev Madsen

TOOWOOMBA man Hosea Eising is the only person in Australia walking around with a US-made, titanium plated rod in his body.

The 26-year-old sustained serious injuries after he crashed his motorbike in February 2008.

His left leg was shattered.

There was hope, however, when surgeons at the Princess Alexandra Hospital fitted him with a special frame, known as an Illizarov frame, to help his body re-grow a 12-centimetre section of tibia (shin) bone.

Now three years after his crash, Mr Eising continues to marvel modern medicos.

“The director of orthopaedics went to America for a trauma seminar and during the conference showed my x-ray details to some American colleagues,” he said.

“He brought back a special tibia rod that is smoother than conventional rods with a titanium plating making it easier to work with.

“It is the first of its type in Australia. The bone was straightened and this specialised rod was inserted with three screws.

“In a few months time if the tibia is fully healed the surgeons will operate to take the specialised rod out.”

But despite spending 100 days over 40 months in a hospital bed, Mr Eising's surgeries are not over.

His leg is between four and four-and-a-half centimetres shorted than his right, uninjured leg.

“I had the option of either permanently shortening my right leg, wearing a built up shoe for the rest of my life or getting another frame to extend my leg by four to four-and-a-half centimetres.”

Mr Eising has opted for the later option.

“Once I have gained more strength, they will put in a third frame in and cut the tibia and fibula again so I can extend my leg.”

Mr Eising leans on his faith, family and friends to help him get through his life's challenges.

“You wonder why God does some things to you in life, but He has promised that negative circumstances will work out for the best for those who believe.”

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