Tinder Plus: New 'premium' service gouges those over 28

TINDER Plus, the dating app's premium service, is launching today and will charge its older members far more than its younger ones.

The service will cost £3.99 (AUD$7.90) for European users under 28. But it will cost £14.99 (AUD$29.60) a month for those over 28.

For that price, users will get the ability to "rewind" - taking back swipes that were done in error - and a "passport" function that will allow users to search for people in other places.

It will also mean that users won't be served ads.

At the moment, there is no advertising on the site, but the company is set to roll them out soon.

In a report over the weekend, Techcrunch said that ads will roll out in March.

Premium users will also get unlimited swipes. The company has been rumoured to be stopping infinite swipes for free users for some time, and

The amount of stripes each user will be able to make is secret and isn't a set number, Tinder CEO Sean Rad told the Evening Standard.

"It's based on an algorithm, and in some cases it is individual," Rad said.

"Let's just say that the vast majority of our audience will never hit any barrier."

The company has been slowly testing the paid-for service, forcing users to update to the paid-for version if they want to continue using it.


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