Time for people to have right to end own life: CQ professor

ONE of Central Queensland's leading voices has backed the push for people to have the right to end their own life.

Professor Scott Bowman took to Facebook to share his thoughts on the controversial topic of euthanasia over the weekend.

The CQUniversity vice chancellor believed everyone should have the right to end life how they wanted to.

"Our society should make it easy for us, I don't want to impose my views in this regard on anyone else but because of the laws and lack of access to suitable drugs others are imposing their views and beliefs on me."

"I've always thought people should end their lives when they wanted to," he said.

The local professor said he hoped euthanasia would be legalised soon but there were two main issues stopping the legalisation, misuse and religion.

"We do seem to have a very strong pressure group which is anti-euthanasia which is being propagated by religious beliefs," Professor Bowman said.

"There are worries it could be misused, I completely agree... There needs to be safe guards against it being misused," Professor Bowman said.

"Then there are religious reasons which this day and age don't hold true…religious grounds are a very personal thing."

 Professor Bowman believes not having legal access to this kind of a service made it hard for family members to plan ahead.

 He said people should have the right to sign an agreement when they are still in their right mind to say they wanted to be euthanized.

"I might get to the point where I've decided I've had a good life and it is time...if I'm incompetent, if I'm in pain I should have been able to sign something at this point, today."

"I think we should be able to do that, but we can't until euthanasia is legalised."

"It's a basic human right to decide to end your life...there is a point where life is just not worth living anymore."
Professor Scott Bowman hopes to see the practice legalised as it is an individual decision.

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