Contestants from TV series The One series 2.
Contestants from TV series The One series 2. Supplied by Channel Seven

Three Qld psychics go into The One

THREE different but talented Queensland psychics feature in the new series of The One.

The supernatural series, hosted by Andrew Daddo, tests the abilities of 10 of the country's best psychics with its challenges.

Maria Elita from Hamilton in Brisbane, Julie McKenzie from Goondiwindi and Valerie Bradshaw from Gatton will represent the Sunshine State.

Elita and McKenzie are both Queensland psychics of the year but all three women have very different backgrounds.

Elita is a mum who, after a breakdown following her husband's affair, became a crystal healer and life coach for the corporate world.

"I had fairytale life, husband ran away, whole life changed," she said.

"I was suicidal, depressed and I went to jump off the Story Bridge.

"But all of the pain and suffering was taken away at that moment by something I call a miracle and I saw what I was supposed to do for the rest of my life."

She said she auditioned for The One to challenge the stereotypes about psychics.

"It's about being in your truth. I want to bring a sexiness and a sassiness to our industry."

By contrast, McKenzie is a country-based mum and medium who always knew she had a connection with the spiritual world.

"I think it's important to help people out in the middle of Australia who don't get these types of people in their towns," said McKenzie.

"I do a lot of phone readings. I have people from Sydney who fly all the way up to see me and plenty of people from the Sunshine Coast will drive out to see me for the day."

Bradshaw is different yet again. She keeps a very low profile. She has no book or radio deals.

"I'm the mum next door who just quietly goes about doing my readings," she said.

She received an email about auditions for The One and followed the signs from her "guides".


The One - Seven - Wednesday at 7.30pm

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