Brock Sykes has a company called Odd Pears, selling socks in threes.
Brock Sykes has a company called Odd Pears, selling socks in threes.

Three of a kind’s a Pear

IT'S a business built on being odd, but its popularity is not at all unusual.

Odd Pears was founded by Brock Sykes in September, 2014. It sells socks, but no ordinary socks. These ones come in threes: two matching and one odd.

Online sales were launched December 15, 2014 through its website

"At the moment it is myself and a friend of mine Carla McRae who resides in Melbourne," Brock said.

Carla is originally from the Coast, but moved to the Victorian capital after graduating from USC. Her website is

She is a freelance designer and illustrator who also designs and does social media duties for Odd Pears part-time.

"Our growth has been incredible," Brock said.

"I credit our initial success to Carla's phenomenal social media management ensuring we consistently remain relevant in such a crowded, over-subscribed space.

"The majority of our orders are posted domestically, however we have had orders from all over the world including New Zealand, USA and Russia.

"Our target market is yet to be properly identified. Our customers are very diverse, which is great because it's what Odd Pears is all about: being different and being odd.

"We would hate to be defined by a single market as we aim our appeal to all people regardless of gender, age, sexuality, beliefs or economic status. Additionally, all our Pears are unisex."

Odd Pears also has a strong ethical consumerism focus, teaming up with Sydney charity One Dollar Day to start their own ethical consumer program: One Pear One Dollar.

Founded on the idea that "a lot of a little" makes a difference, One Pear One Dollar makes a $1 charitable contribution per Pear sold.

Asked whether this cut into profits, Brock said: "As a business we are aren't trying to pretend we're not turning a profit. We are.

"A profitable margin is how our business (and all business) operates and why people like Carla and I can continue to do what we love.

"Ethical consumerism is an important concept as it gives consumers the option to make a charitable contribution through their own purchases.

"As a business owner and everyday consumer I'm proud to know that purchases made from my company are both supporting myself and, potentially, thousands of others through our redistribution of profits."


One Dollar Day, launched in 2001, is when everyone is asked to give just $1, on just one day.

The Sydney charity is committed to reducing the inequities in children's health and education. Projects in the area of the greatest need are chosen, where they can have the most sustainable long-term impact.

The 2014 date is yet to be confirmed.

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