OPINION: Those on the dole should show they care

I AM always a little nervous when I make a comment on the large number of dole recipients.

I realise that amongst the 220,000 Australians presently collecting the dole there are many who genuinely are looking for work.

So if you are in that group please do not take offence.

Those who I want to address this column to are the many who believe its fine to just sit on their backside and milk the system.

As a person who has worked hard all his life it just doesn't make any sense to me why people don't want to work.

Sitting at home all day doing nothing except watch television would drive me insane.

When the work for the dole idea was first floated I was one of many Australians who applauded the concept.

There are many worthwhile organisations who would love to have a team of volunteers willing to give them a hand on numerous projects.

Do we see these long-term dole bludgers knocking on these organisations doors saying "I have some spare time at the moment and I'd like to help out?"

You must be kidding. If they did what a great way it would be to start a job interview.

They could reveal how they cared about their local community and that they weren't prepared just to sit back and do nothing.

I know if I was interviewing someone for a job that message would hold more weight than just about anything else they could put forward.


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