OPINION: Think twice before you press send

I SENT a polite email off to a workmate yesterday and accidentally put it all in capital letters.

She gave me a quick response and I immediately fired back my answer, once again in capitals.

Little did I realise it, but because it was all in capitals she thought my emails were shouting back answers and as such were not really polite.

A short phone call was then needed to clear up the misinterpretation.

The incident once again highlighted to me how easy it is for emails to be misread and how they can often be the cause of unintended confrontations.

When you press send, it is impossible to place any sort of emphasis on words in your message. Light-hearted comments can suddenly become slurs and harmless messages can easily be read to mean quite the opposite to what they intended to say.

The real concern in all of this is that emails are permanent and can be kept for years. Then just when you don't expect it they can suddenly appear back in the public arena.

There have been many warnings put out to youngsters about just what they are saying on Facebook and the fact that it could be used against them in years to come if it is inappropriate.

The same can be said for us more mature youngsters in regards emails.

I learnt some years ago if I was upset and intended to send a cranky email I should write it and then let it sit as a draft for at least an hour before pressing the send button. Nearly every time I have done this I have deleted the note.

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