Thief cuts electricity, ‘drills’ way in to car dealership

A FUSSY thief who broke into the Llewellyn Motors car dealership in Ipswich first moved a smaller car before driving off in a Ford Falcon.

But the offender Shane Davies was snapped on CCTV at a service station getting out of the stolen silver-coloured Ford with an LA Dodgers' cap on his head.

He paid for the fuel from a fistful of $100 notes.

The enterprising offender, a dad of four, first cut electricity to the business premises before apparently using a drill to break his way in.

It was just one of a series of crimes committed by Shane Davies in and around Ipswich and attributed to his use of the drug ice, Ipswich Magistrates Court heard.

Police prosecutor Bronson Ballard told the court Davies's offending took some effort, and involved cutting through walls or removing sections to gain access to victim businesses.

Shane Phillip Lee Davies, 31, a diesel fitter from Kingston appeared in the dock of Ipswich Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty to three counts of breaking into premises to commit an offence; two counts of unlawful use of motor vehicles on October 7; driving unlicensed - repeat offender; and entering premises with intent; possession of the illicit drug methylamphetamine on March 23; and failing to properly dispose of a used syringe/needle.

In a break-in at a food business overnight on August 30, Davies also cut off the power but cut himself leaving blood at the scene.

It proved to be a DNA match.

In September, Davies was sentenced for offences that included a break-in at a real estate agency in Yamanto and taking 20 sets of house keys.

In another offence, Davies broke into a Pennywise store through its roof and stole three bicycles.

He was also sentenced in October on other matters - the sentence to end in March 2021.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said the father obviously has drug issues, appeared to be a genuine person and was trying to deal with that addiction.

Magistrate David Shepherd said Davies had struggled with his substance abuse issues that led to his offending.

He said Davies broke into the Llewellyn car yard and "significantly" stole keys to every car in the yard, with no indication whether the cars were ever recovered which would have put the business to significant expense.

He noted how Davies had first cut the electricity supply to two businesses before breaking in.

Mr Shepherd took into account the ferocity of such a drug addiction but told Davies the hard work had to be done by the offender to overcome and deal with the problem.

"I'm sure you and your family do not want you going in and out of prison," he said.

Mr Shepherd said he would take into account Davies's existing jail sentence that ends in March 2021.

Davies was sentenced to 18 months jail to be suspended from today for four years.

It will hang over his head on his full-time release on the existing sentence or if the parole board grants an earlier release date on that sentence.

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