Roots, Hip-Hop and Reggae artist Karl Smith, also known as The Lyrical.
Roots, Hip-Hop and Reggae artist Karl Smith, also known as The Lyrical.

The Lyrical, beyond the 'F' word

THE Lyrical is a roots, reggae and hip hop artist whose music is happy, chilled and normally very clean... until now.

The artist's latest song is called F*ck It All.

Not an easy title to promote, but the song really conveys the message of letting go of the things that makes us anxious and stressed and enjoy life as it is.

The Lyrical, also known off stage as Karl Smith, explains on daytime shows he plays a clean version of the song.

"In Lennox the show starts at 2pm and we are on at 3pm so we are not sure what version we'll sing," he said.

"I'll just have to look around for the kids, and if that's the case we'll do a censored version called Leave It All," he said.

The artist said this song was written in the Sunshine Coast while he was visiting his older brother Steve.

"This was many years back, maybe five years now," he said.

"We have an EP coming out later in the year and I finally got the chance to bring this song out into the light.

The Vanuatu-born, Queensland-based musician said the song really is a reflexion of what life should be like.

"At that moment I was thinking that life is not as hardcore and as full on as it feel sometimes, and we don't really have to do that big grind day after day.

'That's not to say 'drop everything and things will be perfectly fine'. No.

"You just have to do whatever makes you happy and then everything comes together very nicely," he said.

The Lyrical admits he struggle with the name of the song.

"We are not a hardcore band, with a huge range of age groups as fans, and I did not want to scare anyone away with this, but there really is no Other way to put it," he said.

"The 'f' word hasn't lost its impact, but in this case is not used as a derogatory word against anyone, but as part of an expression that really means 'free yourself".

"Our audiences get that and really relax as soon as the song starts," he said.

  • At Hotel Brunswick, Brunswick Heads, this Friday from 5pm, and at the Lennox Hotel, Lennox Head, this Sunday from 2pm.


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