THEY ARE BACK: Skunkhour at Bluesfest 2014.
THEY ARE BACK: Skunkhour at Bluesfest 2014.

The funk is back for fans of Skunkhour

FOMER Clunes resident Del Larkin is coming back to the Northern Rivers for a special Byron Bay Show playing their self-titled first album (1993) on its 25th anniversary, plus a best-of set.

Speaking from Sydney, Larkin is keen to get on stage pronto.

What motivated you guys to play the debut album from top to bottom?

We got the idea a few years back when the album's 20 year anniversary came around. We then put on a show at the Metro in Sydney with a bunch of our DJ mates from back in the day and it went off. It was obvious to us there was still a lot of love for that album out there so we thought we should have a go at taking it on the road. Its also a great chance for fans to hear tracks that we have not played for a long long time.

Will they be the original versions of the songs or will you change them to make the live show different?

We've changed things up a bit with all of them at some point but as a rule we take the 'if it aint broke don't fix it' road. We've always used the breakdown in Do You Like It? as a little party / extended covers jam section, where we always try to put some old school gems in the mix.

What songs may be included in the Best Of set?

Ooh, that's always the big question amongst the band. Its hard to boil down the other three albums into a set. The stuff from Feed gets a big run but we always try to stick a curve ball track in to keep it fresh. I guess you'll have to wait and see.

This was the first album you recorded with the band as an MC and vocalist, what memories do you have of that time?

It was a crazy time for me. I had never been involved in a band or anything like that in my life. I'd only joined six months previous and suddenly I'm in as studio with absolutely no idea of what I was doing except the belief that there must be a reason I'd made this far so just listen, observe and believe in yourself. To be honest I can barely listen to my vocals on that album because I was still figuring out what it was I was doing.

From 2009 onwards the band has been re-uniting often for Bluesfest, Mullum Music, and others. Any chance of new music in the future?

We all keep talking about it at various times and keep sending each other ideas so I'm sure we'll pull our fingers out and get something done at some stage. It may even be as a side project even.

If you were invited to do triple j's Like a Version as Skunkhour, what song would you like to play?

I think the band would come to blows on that one given all the influences we have. If it were up to me I would like to do some sort of Aussie underrated classic from the 1970s or 1980s. I would also love to do Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 3 by Ian Dury and the Block Heads.

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