DA APPROVED: The entrance to Woodford will never look the same again thanks to a new petrol station and drive through business approval.
DA APPROVED: The entrance to Woodford will never look the same again thanks to a new petrol station and drive through business approval. Luke Simmonds

'The face of Woodford will never be the same' - councillor

NOTHING has quite divided the Woodford community as the recent approval of a new service station which will feature two drive-thru businesses.

Division 12 councillor Adrian Raedel's announcement on Facebook generated 157 comments expressing every possible imaginable reaction.

The general consensus is the service station is a good thing, but the potential for mega fast food joints like McDonald's and KFC has seriously irked some.

Woodford local Tracie Thompson said those against the progress were 'overreacting'.

"There's been a lot of scare campaigns against it ... I think it'll be good for Woodford to have two fast food drive-thru businesses," she said.

"(But) companies like McDonalds and Hungry Jacks won't move in unless their market study says it's viable.

"Yes, they approved a drive-thru. Whether they are going to be there in two to five years' time is a different story. Approval obviously has to be there first."

Do you think the addition of two drive-thrus will ruin Woodford's country charm?

This poll ended on 14 September 2017.

Current Results

Yes - leave the township as it is!


No - you can't stop progress.


More food options when heading to the folk fest can't be a bad thing, but they will seem out of place.


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Moreton Bay Regional Council asked for submissions for and against the proposal based on planning grounds, not emotional issues.

The development application was approved by council officers without going to a council meeting because there wasn't enough disapproval based on planning issues.

But Mr Raedel said himself: "some will laugh, some will cry... whatever the case, the entrance to Woodford will change forever."

Heather Duncan, who grew up in the Woodford area, said she would like to see council broaden its development criteria to include the well-being of society.

"Just because we can, doesn't mean we should," she said.

"I love the idea that there might be more organised employment, especially for young people - I don't like proliferation of poor quality food under neon lights being offered as 'normal'.

"We must all have personal responsibility, but there are a lot of studies which suggest human beings are influenced by their environment."

A council spokeswoman said residents were required to commute out of town to fill up petrol or get a feed.

"The applicant submitted an Economic Feasibility Study for the proposed service station and food and drink outlet, which stated there is no fuel retailing or service stations and drive-thru outlets within Woodford," she said.

"A Traffic Impact Assessment included as part of the application demonstrated that sufficient car parking and vehicle queuing areas were proposed," the spokeswoman said.

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