Aussie rockers The Angels.
Aussie rockers The Angels.

The Angels are ready to rock the Coffs Coast

AGE hasn't wearied members of one of Australia's most iconic rock bands, The Angels, with new blood keeping the faithful to the group's sound while invigorating the line-up.

Guitarist John Brewster said his many years on the road with the band hadn't reduced the ecstatic feeling playing live provided.

And now, with his son Sam playing bass in the stead of the recently deceased Chris Bailey, Brewster believes the best tribute is continuing to share the music.

"A band's a bit like a football team; if you've got the team spirit you can sort of knock down walls," Brewster said.

"We had that while Chris was sick, he was still a member of the band.

"There's a sense of relief for Chris, he's through his nightmare and he doesn't have to suffer anymore."

While many years may have passed since Brewster first strapped on a guitar, his approach to touring has changed little.

"Overall the energy level of the band is great, with me I do have a 10-minute nap before a show - but then I've been doing that since I was 23," he said.

"The audience gives you adrenalin; it's not hard to get through a show."

He said Angels gigs had changed through the years with the ever-faithful constantly being joined by the newer generations.

"It's really interesting, nothing's changed, it's always blown us away how many young people come to an Angels show," he said.

"It tends to be probably 50% that are quite young, I think it says a lot about the reputation as a live band and the repertoire."

The death of Chris Bailey, and the Adelaide tribute concert held in his hon- our, and a few weeks later Divinyls star Chrissy Amphlett has both provided perspective and a renewed drive for Brewster.

"This is life you know; we're all getting older and we start to lose people," he said.

"We just lost Chrissy Amphlett, who was just a fantastic musician. I think the Divinyls got their start supporting The Angels.

"It was at a venue in Bondi and we arrived early, they were playing but we didn't know who they were at the time."

John and his brother Rick are now the only original members left in the band, with son Sam on bass, Nick Norton on drums and Dave Gleeson providing vocals - Brewster said there had been a real commitment to keeping the sound as it was in the 70s.

The idea that life could have taken another course doesn't even register with the guitarist. "It's my life, I made that decision when I was about 23 - I dropped out of every course I was maybe going to get a degree in and decided to devote everything to music," Brewster said.

The Angels play Sawtell RSL on May 18.

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