Thanks dear, sweetie, love or hon, but no thanks!

LETTER OF THE DAY: I want to bring to the attention of shop assistances/office workers and all those that are guilty of referring to their customers/clients as dear, sweetie, love or hon.

I take it that is short for honey. I do not think for one minute this is intended to insult.

The behaviour is not professional and I think it can and possibly is taken as an insult or dig at the age of some of the consumers.

I am hearing it all the time and I am beginning to wonder if the behaviour is increasing. Possibly I am taking more notice.

As an Australian I generally see our service staff as being friendly. We can be friendly and professional at the same time.

Do you get offended when referred to as dear, sweetie, love, hon or similar?

This poll ended on 12 April 2014.

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This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

We don't want to start the Sir/Madam business as that is not who we are. But please rethink the love and sweetie comments.

I would like to encourage people to comment to businesses when they receive good service.

Make the effort to email or speak to the person in charge before leaving the premises.

Especially if the staff member is a young person. We are always ready to complain around the staff room table about bad service we receive but forget to mention the good service.

From what I understand we as customers can be a rather trying bunch and don't always remember our manners. I always try to be extra friendly and thankful for the service.

Because I am aware the person that came before or after me may not be any of those things.

  • L. FRANKLIN, Kearneys Spring

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