Telstra Air wi-fi network reaches Byron Bay

TELSTRA customers in Byron Bay can now access their broadband allowance out and about with the launch of the country's largest Wi-Fi network, Telstra Air.

Byron Bay is among more than 250 towns and cities across Australia now connected to Telstra Air, offering more than 4,000 hotspots nationally and access to 15 million hotspots overseas through Telstra's partner Fon.

As part of the launch Telstra has switched on seven hotspots at payphones in the area, including on Jonson St, Lawson St, Middleton St, Bay St and Carlyle St.

In addition to new hotspots, Byron Bay households connected with Telstra will be able to turn their own home broadband connections into hotspots to create a vast Wi-Fi network across the region.

Telstra home broadband customers with an ADSL, Cable or NBN connection, can become a Telstra Air member at no additional charge provided they have a compatible gateway.

The network is being created using innovative Wi-Fi sharing technology, it works by Telstra Air members sharing a small portion of their home internet bandwidth in exchange for using their own home data allowance at hotspots across the nation and even overseas.

Locals will be able to find and automatically log into their nearest Telstra Air hotspot with the touch of a button using the Telstra Air app.

Telstra Country Wide Area General Manager for the North Coast, Mike Marom, said Telstra Air would give locals more options to connect in places they love spending time.

"With the launch of Telstra Air Byron Bay residents can stream music, catch up on their favourite TV show or browse the web when they're out and about at local shopping precincts, parks, cafes and transport hubs - all by using their Telstra home broadband allowance," he said.

"The availability of Wi-Fi in Byron Bay can really support tourism, make it easier for local businesses to promote their services and encourage visitors to spend more time in places they can connect."

Mr Marom said Telstra expects the reach of the network will grow rapidly reaching thousands of neighbourhoods and millions of homes and businesses across the country over the next five years.

Eligible Telstra home broadband customers with a compatible gateway can join Telstra Air
by visiting

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