Adrien Thompson is fuming over what louts did at the Toormina velodrome.
Adrien Thompson is fuming over what louts did at the Toormina velodrome. Trevor Veale

Teens attack visiting cyclists

A GROUP of rampaging louts has soured a prestigious cycling event on the Coffs Coast.

The local thugs hurled rocks at St John Ambulance vehicles and even attacked a visiting family and competitors at the Toormina velodrome, which hosted the Coffs Harbour Cycle Club Track Carnival and the NSW Country Track Championships.

The weekend incidents have shocked the organisers who are outraged by the behaviour of these teenagers.

“It’s really disappointing. These kids have no respect for anyone,” Coffs Harbour Cycle Club president Adrien Thompson said.

“We have a prestige event like this in Coffs Harbour which brings people here spending money and this happens. It’s a really bad impression they’re getting from these kids at Toormina.

“It’s just a shame some kids in this day and age are doing this. Surely they’ve got better things to do with their time.

“It’s not necessarily their fault – you’ve got to wonder if their parents knew what they were up to?”

Mr Thompson said a Central Coast family who camped in their motor home in the car park on Saturday night came under fire from rock-throwing youths.

The husband asked them to leave but they returned in larger numbers and he was beaten up – resulting in a trip to the hospital emergency department– while two of his three sons were punched, Mr Thompson said.

Police have charged a girl, 16, with assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

The family continued their racing commitments but they’ve vowed not to return next year.

Hoodlums returned to the track on Sunday morning and attacked cyclists who were doing warm-ups and also threw rocks at two St John Ambulance vehicles.

Competitors feared their presentations would also be marred by intruders but two teenagers seen loitering in the area fled when they were challenged, Mr Thompson said.

“We had a really, really good weekend and it was a shame for these things to happen.

“We’re going to talk to Coffs Harbour City Council about the chance of opening up some of the nearly bushland so people can’t hide in there.”

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