THE crowd of more than 13,000 were there to see R’n’B star Chris Brown – but it was the Sunshine Coast’s Johnathan Woulfe who stole the show.

While waiting for the performance to begin his cousins urged him to dance. The 14-year-old busted a few moves in the mosh pit and before long he had the entire crowd at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on its feet cheering and clapping for him to continue his freestyle moves.

“It was so exciting,” Johnathon, who is one of 12 children, said.

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“At first I thought it was just the people around me and then just the second barrier, I didn’t realise it was the whole place.”

The next day dozens of people posted videos of Johnathan’s performance on YouTube.

It has since had more than 1300 hits and hundreds of comments from people impressed by his skills.

Now he cannot walk down the street without being recognised.

“People come up to me and say ‘you’re that kid that danced at Chris Brown’s concert’,” the Beerwah resident said.

“It feels heaps good. I’ve made lots of new friends.”

Johnathan, who has been dancing since he was six, used to dance on the soccer field while he was waiting for the ball.

“My dad’s Irish so I did Irish dancing. I used to dance on the field and so mum put me into dance classes. But it wasn’t really my thing.”

Instead of formal classes he prefers to do his own thing and make up moves and is inspired by other performers.

“When I was nine mum showed me the Billy Jean film clip by Michael Jackson – I wanted to learn that. It took a while but I just kept practising and practising.”

Johnathan performs in an indigenous dance crew with his older brother, three of their cousins and a friend.

He hopes that one day his crew will perform in America.

His mother Leigh said she could not be prouder of her talented son.

“I think this year’s going to be his year,” she said.

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