Teen seeking compensation from Lorna Jane for "stolen image"

A BRISBANE teen is reportedly seeking compensation from fitness label Lorna Jane claiming they used her photo on a range of T-shirts without permission. 

The Courier Mail is reporting Lydia Jahnke has sought the counsel of Simpson Solicitors after a photo of Ms Jahnke, posted on her Istagram account, appeared on a range of Lorna Jane shirts.

According to the Courier Mail, Ms Jahnke posted a photo of her atop Mt Mee on her Instagram account in July last year. 

Lorna Jane then reposted this photo then several months later, Ms Jahnke was shocked to see her image alongside the words: "The woman on top of the mountain did not fall there" on shirts selling for $59.99.

Ms Jahnke told the Courier Mail: "I was pretty excited until it was brought to my attention that what they did wasn't legal … they never asked for my permission to use the photo."

Simpsons Solicitors special counsel Ian McDonald said in the Courier Mail's report that Lorna Jane had breached the Commonwealth Copyright Act and Ms Jahnke would be entitled to ask for damages, including the standard licence fee and any profit made from the sales.

"Not only have they used her photo on their T-shirt but she had no say in whether that could be used on the shirt or not," Mr McDonald said.

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