Local team ready for Australian Speed Week

SPEED DEMON: Jean-Paul Afflick ready to race at Lake Gairdner.
SPEED DEMON: Jean-Paul Afflick ready to race at Lake Gairdner. Contributed

JEAN-Paul and Mitch Afflick and their team from AAAA racing will be taking on all comers for the overall 100cc class record for motorcycle speed later this month when they head back to Lake Gairdner in South Australia for Australian Speed Week.

The Suffolk Park brothers already hold two world records in their class. Jean-Paul holds the "naked" record (riding without an engine faring) of 93.8mph and Mitch holds the faring record of 94.5mph.

The overall speed record of 108.3mph record is held by US racer Daryl Cummings set in August 2003 on Lake Bonneville Salt Flats in the US.

Bonneville Salt Flats are considered to be the Mecca for speed racing and that's where the brothers first caught "salt fever" after visiting in 2010 and 2012.

Salt fever is the condition that comes over many a man who goes to Bonneville, the main symptom is overwhelming urge to go as fast as you can in a straight line.

"In some ways Lake Gardner is a better track than Bonneville, it's at sea level and has better air density for engines whereas Bonneville is at 5000 feet above sea level," Jean-Paul said.

"But we would still love to get back to Bonneville, it's one of those places on many people's bucket lists, like seeing the Pyramids and places like that."

The brothers will not be alone in their quest. They will have more than 6000 Facebook fans following their progress.

Over recent months AAAA racing have boosted the power output of their bike from 21 horsepower to around 29 horsepower at 13,000rpm.

This is no mean feat considering the bikes originally pumped out a meagre eight horsepower.

"We have spent about 10 days on the Dyno tuner making improvements, and you can't just buy the parts we have to make everything," he said.

"We have also had great support from local businesses Bay Seafoods, Brookfarm, Danny Wills Quiksilver and East Point Signs."

Follow their progress at facebook.com/AAALand SpeedRacing.

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