Silas Flack now owns The Birds and the Beans Espresso Bar in Buderim.
Silas Flack now owns The Birds and the Beans Espresso Bar in Buderim. Iain Curry

Barista and cashiers among worst paid jobs for young people

SILAS Flack has lived and breathed coffee for the past seven years.

Venturing into the barista arena as a 21 year old, the prospect of a huge pay packet was never a factor in his quest to "find the perfect cup".

It is just as well, as new statistics collated by Payscale, and released by Australian casual recruitment website OneShift yesterday, list the barista role as the second worst paid for Generation Y, coming in closely behind cashier.

In a statement accompanying the Top 10 list, OneShift said it was important for young people to understand how to upskill to pave the way for a future in your chosen industry.

Mr Flack, who now owns The Birds and the Beans Espresso Bar in Buderim, said there was something about the coffee culture that drew him in and drove his desire to succeed in the industry.

"It is great to foster that social environment where people have the opportunity to hang out with friends in the middle of the day, or a place where someone can study or have a business meeting," he said.

"You are working with a fresh product that is growing and changing and I just knew it was something that I loved and it was something that I wanted to be involved with. Even as a business owner I sometimes don't get paid."

With half a dozen staff ranging in age from 15 to the mid-30s, Mr Flack said he was pleased to see his younger staff embracing his passion for coffee.

OneShift listed hotel desk clerk and dietary aide as third-equal on their worst-paid list followed by retail sales associate.

However, a Surf Lifesaving Queensland spokeswoman disagreed with the placement of lifeguard as seventh on the list.

"The information on the website regarding life guard wages does not accurately reflect Australian Lifeguard Service lifeguards and is significantly below the earning capacity of what our Queensland ALS life guards earn," the spokeswoman said.

"The ALS is a professional service and as such their wages reflect this. Some have made it a career choice and others are part-time or casual helping to support themselves through further studies or as a lifestyle choice."



Top 10 worst paid Gen Y jobs:

1. Cashier

2. Barista

3. Hotel, motel or resort desk clerk

3. Dietary aide

5. Retail sales associate

6. Maid or housekeeping cleaner

7. Life guard

7. Personal care attendant

9. Produce clerk (grocery)

10. Restaurant host/ess

Source: OneShift

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