Imam Inam-ul-Haq Kauser
Imam Inam-ul-Haq Kauser

Sydney imam: Koran teaches us to show respect for court

A WESTERN Sydney imam has weighed in on claims from some Muslims who said their religious beliefs meant they were forbidden from standing in a courtroom when the judge or magistrate enters the room.

Marsden Park mosque Imam Inamul ul-Haq Kauser told NewsCorp respecting the law of the land was part of the Islamic way of life.

The comments come in response to supporters of the so-called "tinnie terrorists" who were allegedly attempting to sail a boat north of Australia as part of a plan to eventually join the Islamic State.

When the five accused appeared, the supporters refused to stand in the courtroom. One said showing such a respect to the magistrate would "make her equal to god".

But Imam Kauser has hosed down their protests.

"You have to give respect to the court, they should have respect for the magistrate," he said.

"Even when the schoolteacher walks in you stand. It is a hallmark of Islamic teaching.

"They should show respect for the law of the land and respect for the official.

"The decision for these people to remain seated goes against the Islamic teachings of loving the country where you reside."

The NSW Government was now considering new laws that would mean offenders could be jailed for two weeks and fined $1100.

Judges and magistrates may only order disrespecting visitors from the courtroom, issue a warning or demand an apology.

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