Shark victim kicks back

WHEN 15-year-old Jake Davies went for a surf near Frasers Reef on Monday afternoon, the last place he expected to end up was Maclean Hospital.

The young surfer was about to catch his last wave about 5pm when a shark grabbed hold of his foot.

Fortunately for Jake, his instincts told him to kick back and the shark released him.

“At first I thought I had just brushed a rock or something, but when I looked behind me I saw a four or five-foot shadow,” Jake said.

“I was pretty scared when it grabbed me.”

The Iluka teenager and his dad then caught a wave to shore. Luckily, a bystander on the beach had a full first-aid kit and treated Jake’s wounds at the scene. He was then taken to hospital.

“There was a fair bit of blood on the beach. It was a little gruesome,” he said.

The result of the shark’s efforts are five stitches on Jake’s foot.

“I have a couple of puncture wounds on the top of my foot and some lacerations on the bottom,” he said.

Despite the ordeal, Jake said that he would be back in the water, and on his board, as soon as his wounds had healed.

“The stitches come out on Monday so I should be back in the surf by Wednesday at the latest,” Jake said.

It is believed the shark that attacked Jake was a two-metre bull shark, although this has not been confirmed.

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