For maximum effect, apply perfume to pulse points.
For maximum effect, apply perfume to pulse points. DmitriyTitov

STYLE: Fragrance recalls memories past

FRAGRANCE undoubtedly stirs memories.

A spritz can act as a liquid anecdote from a moment in your past. Here are the new fragrances that should be part of your olfactory wardrobe of 2017.

Independent brands, such as Boutique Perfumery Shay and Blue, have become popular this season.

One scent called Blood Oranges is a mix of exotic pomelo and clementine, with the top note of muscular blood orange making it far from an ordinary citrus perfume.

Dior's Poison Girl is also a modern-day favourite. This scent is a sensual trap of bittersweet florals, Venezuelan tonka beans and grasse rose. It is best worn in the evenings.

After something a little lighter? Miu Miu's newest fragrance, L'eau Bleue, blends lily of the valley with akigalawood and notes of white and green floral.


Body heat radiates from pulse points. Your veins are closer to your skin at those points, so spraying your neck, wrist and inner elbows will intensify the fragrance.

Try spritzing in your hair, as every time your head moves it will release new waves of your chosen scent. The same can be said for the backs of your knees.

The scent will trail behind you. You can even apply perfume around your belly button, as it is a natural repository for scent.

Rubbing vaseline pre-fragrance acts as a primer for your perfume to cling to. And keeping your perfumes in the fridge, in a dark and cold environment, can help with their longevity.

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