Students in sex scandal

HOOKERS, pimps, false identities and ... high school students - it could be the makings of an Underbelly episode but the truth is far closer to home.

Grafton High School has suspended three senior students and banned them from school sports following what a Department of Education media release described "inappropriate behaviour during an excursion to Sydney for a Combined High Schools rugby league competition".

Sources told The Examiner yesterday the three boys snuck out of their accommodation, attended public bars and had an encounter with a prostitute on the night of the school team's recent Sydney win.

The source said a pimp was used to set up the encounter but only one student had sex with the prostitute, who fled when she became suspicious the boys were under the legal age of consent, which is 16 for males in NSW.

It is understood the students are suspected of using false identifications during the incident and these matters have been referred to police.

A police media spokeswoman said yesterday police had looked into the matter but would not be taking any action.

Department of Education representatives would not detail the extent of the boys' suspensions but it is understood the maximum suspension length for a NSW student is 20 days.

"The school has investigated the incident thoroughly and is confident supervising staff acted appropriately," the department said. "It is not appropriate to detail students' personal disciplinary records, or to detail the incident given that it was referred to police."

The boys' actions have forced them out of today's semi-final against Dubbo High, which will be hosted by Grafton High.

The students' names have been withheld for legal reasons.

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