Stranger demands man give his donut to her son

Out of the kindness of his heart, *Nate woke up early on his brother's 12th birthday to go and buy him donuts.  

Luckily, the shop had just two left, which happened to be Oreo donuts - Nate's brother's favourite.  

So Nate grabbed both of them before sitting down to enjoy his donut with a coffee while he waited for his brother to wake up.  

"As I am getting up EM (entitled mum) runs up to me, and says 'excuse me, can I have that donut for my kid? They don't have any donuts left,'" he wrote on Reddit.  

"She was nice so I considered it but as it was for my brother's birthday, I turned her down.  

"When she found out my brother was 12, she flipped. 'Are you f**king kidding me? My son is only nine and you won't let him have his favourite donut cause of a f**king 12-year- old?' she screamed."  

Nate tried to back away slowly but the exchange had already been spotted by an eagle-eyed employee who came over to help.  

The woman proceeds to tell the employee that Nate has stolen her son's donut.  

"I try to explain the truth," he said.  

"But we were both asked to leave.  

"I just left because I wanted to leave a while ago."  

But things really kicked off when they made it to the parking lot  - with the mum standing in front of Nate's car to stop him from leaving.  

"She says, "I will ask politely one more time, can my son have that donut?'" he said.  

"Then something hit me, this b*tch isn't just entitled, she's insane.  

"I wonder if I just tap her with the car but I know she will call the police and exaggerate the story, so I pull back to leave.   "She runs behind my car and jumps onto it and falls down.  

"I get out and she's yelling that I ran her over and she's going to sue me.  

"I give her the go f**k yourself look and get in my car, drive off and enjoy my brother's birthday.  

"At least my brother thought the story was funny ..."

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