Manu Feildel and Pete Evans pictured enjoying Texas fare at Robert and Lynzey Murphy’s instant restaurant.
Manu Feildel and Pete Evans pictured enjoying Texas fare at Robert and Lynzey Murphy’s instant restaurant. Channel

Stop instant round-about on MKR

I THINK I'm starting to get instant restaurant fatigue.

We're halfway through the instant restaurant redemption round on My Kitchen Rules.

This is the fourth instant restaurant round this season after the addition of guest judge Colin Fassnidge's new "secret" round.

The reality cooking show started with two rounds encompassing a dozen teams, but I feel like it's now tip-toeing on the tipping point.

The instant restaurant rounds are what hook viewers in at the beginning of the season.

They establish characters and give viewers a reason to care about a particular team, whether for their hometown or state connections or simply for their tenacity or ambitions.

And of course we can all relate to hosting a dinner party and stressing in the kitchen, even if we weren't cooking for 12 overly critical people at the time.

But there can be too much of a good thing.

The show needs to pick up the pace and start culling the 15 remaining teams, or it will start to feel like we'll never get to the grand final.

"After that knockout round, this is how many teams are left on My Kitchen Rules," one Twitter user joked this week, posting a photo of 200 people.

Another joked the show is due to end in 2019, when the winners will receive "a trip to Mars and a hover car".

I'm not sure what the solution is but I'm all for keeping Colin Fassnidge in his new extended role.

I think he's a refreshing change from Pete and Manu, so perhaps they could tag-team next year's instant restaurants. The combination of Manu's French accent and Colin's Irish brogue could be very enticing indeed.

Perhaps it was because he was judging all by his lonesome, but the Irish chef appeared to interact more with the contestants around the dinner table and he just seemed to have a good time.

It's safe to say we'll be watching this show well past Easter, but no more instant restaurants please. I'm full.

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