Stop having a dig at us young ones

AS A young driver myself (26) of a truck and dog, I did get my MR in just a day and had no experience but the very next day I was driving a Pantech and over the space of about four or five years I learnt absolutely everything I could about driving all different types of trucks.

All different ways to strap/tie down a load, I went with quite a few different truck drivers in my own time to watch how they operate, the way they go up and down gears on any major hill, breakingbraking the right way, if there was something to learn about trucks then I was watching every chance I got and still am today.

I got my HC in just one day as well but didn't get into a truck and dog straight away as I knew I still had a lot to learn.

But now I am driving one and I feel very comfortable doing so, but the ONLY way I got here was by me watching and learning what to do and what not to do, the problem is no one has the time to teach us young blokes.

You older generation were once where we are today but the way of teaching has all changed and it's not our fault, it just depends on the individual how much they want to learn and how keen they are.

No one has the time to teach all of this stuff as there is money to be made and that seems to be more important!

I got thrown into a truck and dog with the promise to teach me how to back it and fold it up and all the rest of it, but instead I got nothing. I had to teach myself. And I did, with the help from a few of the boys here and there!

Learning a job like this takes a lot of time, it's not something you can just learn overnight. And the only way is to get out there and have a crack! Simple.

Day in day out I hear the older drivers having a crack saying us younger drivers are useless and all the rest of it, I deadset hear it every single day, when we make a mistake or are taking a little bit longer to check weights or anything like that.

Instead of having a dig at us, how about giving us a bit of advice, show us the old ways, the proper ways to work because all I hear is the older generation talking down on us but not actually keen to teach or give us a hand!

Mitchell Mills

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