Reds coach Nick Stiles
Reds coach Nick Stiles DARREN ENGLAND

Stiles set to be axed by Queensland Reds - reports

IT is clear that Brad Thorn will replace Nick Stiles as Queensland Reds head coach imminently.

Stiles is on holidays but the decision has been made by the QRU board to axe him, and promote Thorn, who will work alongside Tony McGahan and Phil Mooney to steer the Reds in 2018.

Witnesses told us Thorn and Stiles swore at each other during a recent training session but Thorn has denied the pair have ever argued.

Stiles and Thorn have not seen eye-to-eye on training methods and approach, and the latter will get his chance to stamp his own mark on the club.

FoxSports recently revealed that Stiles has the worst record of any Super Rugby coach in history in charge of more than 35 games, and the ultra-competitive Thorn has a different vision for the Reds.

Stiles is contracted for 2018 so will have to be paid out, further raising questions about the QRU board's operations.

This is the same organisation that appointed Richard Graham, then reappointed him after a "worldwide search" only to sack him.

They then brought in Stiles and Matt O'Connor as joint head coaches only to punt O'Connor but kept paying his contract.

They then brought in former Reds and Wallabies coach John Connolly as an adviser, only to discard him. Connolly then took the Reds to court for unfair termination and won $150,000.

Now they're cutting adrift Stiles for rookie Thorn, placing immense pressure on the All Blacks legend to deliver quickly next year.

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