Luke Mitchell and Peyton List in a scene from The Tomorrow People.
Luke Mitchell and Peyton List in a scene from The Tomorrow People.

Luke Mitchell a natural selection for The Tomorrow People

AMERICANS are falling in love with Australia's Romeo, Luke Mitchell.

The young actor won the 2010 Logie for Most Popular New Male Talent for his role as Home and Away heart throb Romeo Smith.

Now he's based in the Canadian city of Vancouver for the hit supernatural drama The Tomorrow People.

"It's been a lot of fun, but it's also been a big learning curve," Mitchell told The Guide.

"I have to do a lot of fight scenes, you know, a lot of additional stuff most actors don't have to worry about. It's about tying the two in together, learning how to fight effectively and also act at the same time.

"There are some challenging situations we find ourselves in, but it wouldn't be interesting if it wasn't challenging."

Mitchell counts his lucky stars for the swiftness with which he landed the role.

"The speed at which it happened, that was the thing that took me by surprise," he said.

"I'd really only been in LA for about two weeks before I got the role. It was a very special moment.

"It's hard out there. Even just knowing people who are unemployed over here makes me work that much harder to appreciate the role I have."

The Tomorrow People follows a group of extraordinary people dubbed "Homo superior".

"The best way to describe it is they're the next stage in human evolution," he said.

"They've developed these powers called the three T's: telekinesis, telepathy and teleportation."

Mitchell plays John Young, the leader of the Tomorrow People.

"They're living underground in hiding because there's a government organisation called Ultra trying to hunt them down and eradicate them," Mitchell said.

"They also don't want to scare the human population. If humans were to know there was an evolved species in their midst there might be riots. It instantly and very quickly gets more and more involved."

Last week's first episode saw the introduction of a new potential member, who is just discovering his special powers.

"This guy Stephen is 'breaking out' as well call it. He's just discovering that he has powers," he said.

"He's being treated with medications in a psych hospital and people are telling him he's crazy. That's how he comes onto our radar."

But not all Tomorrow People are created equal.

"We all have the same powers except everyone has a specialty," Mitchell said.

"My character's specialty is teleportation and Cara's (Peyton List) is telepathy.

"We discover that Stephen has an extra power that we don't have. He can stop time."

The Tomorrow People - Fox8 - Thursdays at 7.30pm

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