National Nude Food Day helps kids and adults to take responsibility for their health.
National Nude Food Day helps kids and adults to take responsibility for their health. Catherine Yeulet

Nude Food Day reminds us to start healthy habits early

IT IS time for mums, dads and kids to get back to basics.

A healthy diet starts from a young age and it is important to instil healthy eating habits in all Australian children.

National Nude Food Day is back this year, promising to be the most engaging, beneficial and fun event to date.

Held on Wednesday, October 16, in partnership with Nutrition Australia and supported by Smash's Nude Food Movers lunch gear, Nude Food Day will be exploding throughout schools Australia wide.

Nude Food Day encourages Australians to pack healthy, natural lunches and snacks without the use of any disposable wrapping.

The day raises awareness and tackles two of Australia's biggest concerns: landfill caused by excess waste and childhood obesity levels caused by poor diet and lack of physical activity.

The annual event will be massive this year, with an expected 2500 schools and one million Australians set to participate.

Schools can choose to run a 'Healthy Body' or 'Healthy Planet' event on the day with suggestions and resources for schools available at

These events aim to get Australian families really motivated to make a difference.

They also provide a chance to raise funds for schools and win some great Smash Gear sporting equipment.

Nude Food Day teaches our kids that taking responsibility for their health and the health of our planet can be fun and easy.

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