Fast food outlet admits it disposed of oil illegally

HUNGRY Jack's has admitted staff at one of its Fraser Coast stores has illegally disposed of oil.

A Hungry Jack's spokesman contacted the Chronicle last week to let it know it had been working with the council to improve operational procedures for getting rid of waste.

"Recognising further training was required after oil was disposed of incorrectly at one of its Fraser Coast restaurants last year, Hungry Jack's has since strengthened its employee training program and reminded all local employees of the correct procedures," the spokesman said.

The Chronicle contacted the council on Monday and it confirmed the two groups were working together.

"Following an incident at one of Hungry Jack's Fraser Coast restaurants last year, the council has worked cooperatively with Hungry Jack's to review its procedures relating to the transportation, storage and disposal of oil, and to raise staff awareness of the general environmental duty under the Environment Protection Act 1994," Fraser Coast Mayor Gerard O'Connell said in a media release.

"Council takes its obligations to administer compliance with the Environmental Protection Act 1994 seriously and is committed to ensuring local businesses are operating in compliance with the legislation."

The Chronicle has requested further details on the incident.

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