More than 20,000 campers will call Woodfordia home for this year's Splendour in the Grass festival.
More than 20,000 campers will call Woodfordia home for this year's Splendour in the Grass festival. © Contributed

Splendour in the Grass camping guide

MORE than 20,000 campers will call Woodfordia home for the three days from Friday 31 July to Sunday 1 August, 2010 during this year's Splendour in the Grass festival.

But before they do, we asked two serial Splendour in the Grass festival goers - 27-year-old Brisbane massage therapist Cordelia Chin and 26-year-old Peregian Beach post graduate student Gemma Wright - for their tips and tricks for camping at Splendour in the Grass.

Tips for camping

Firstly, Cordelia recommends getting there early because the campsites are allocated by Splendour staff on entry.

"As you come in you are allocated your campsite so get there early."

So you don't get allocated the camping site dregs basically.

Cordelia said at past festivals she has seen people heeding this advice.

"I've seen bunches of cars arriving together so they get campsites next to each other. Then they make this Taj Mahal set up with a big communal area in the middle of a bunch of tents under a big tarp."

However, overly elaborate campsites not permitted. This includes no couches and large furniture items and such.

Tips for making your campsite comfortable

When it comes to things to bring to make your campsite a true home-away-from-home there are a couple of every day items that people forget to bring. And in essence, they are quite necessary.

These items are:

  • A torch.
  • A bucket.                                                      
  • Things to tie on your tent ropes.                                                           

Gemma recommends bringing a bucket because, "A bucket is always handy for washing up and stuff."

A torch is necessary because, "The camp ground is not lit up so you need a torch," Gemma said.

Codrelia (pictured right) suggests tying bright things to the ropes of your tent to stop people tripping over them.

"Get bright things to tie to the rope of your tent because one year at another festival I was at one guy who was drunk crashed into our tent, broke our tent pole and landed on my friend."

Tips for surviving the two nights camping

Showering. This is an important topic and Cordelia and Gemma had a number of tips and suggestions on how to avoid the queues at the toilet block.


Gemma suggests saving water and your sanity by bathing in your tent.

"I know a few people who do the old cup of water and bathe yourself in your tent trick."

While Cordeila on the other hand suggests not showering at all and just using baby wipes.

"We don’t usually shower because it is so cold so we use baby wipes."


Cordelia recommends packing extra water for washing your face and hands and brushing your teeth.

"We usually take one big thing of water to fill up our bottles, wash face and hands and brush teeth so we don’t have to keep walking back to the blocks."


With the toilet and shower blocks located closer to the entry of the site, what does Gemma recommend doing when nature calls in the middle of the night?

“Firstly I definitely go to the toilet block and a head torch is the way to go because then you’ve got your hands free."

Food. The next most important topic after showering.

There will be a general store operating in the campground near the main festival entry but both Cordelia and Gemma suggest bringing your own snacks and water.

Cordelia said: "we usually take a whole heap of snacks because while you can get your main meals there such as lunch and dinner, snacks are good."

Gemma (on the right) said: "take really easy to prepare food. I recommend eating avodcado, vegemite and bread. Also take some fruit and muesli bars and have your main meal in the festival. That way you don’t need to worry about ice for your eskies."

All tap water on site is of drinkable quality but both Gemma and Cordelia say to bring your own drinking water.

Tips for making the most of Splendour

The festival is conducted in the middle of winter and the weather can range from warm days (19° to 24°) through to chilly nights (3° to 9°).

At night it is recommended that you come well prepared with warm bedding and clothes and especially a jacket and a warm hat. As for the day it is often quite warm and sunny so bring sunscreen and a hat.

Because of the flatuating temperatures between day and night Cordelia recommends packing clothes you can layer with and clothes that are easily tied around your waist or neck so you don’t have to carry items or go back to your tent.

Cordeila said: "it is cold but because during the day when it’s warm and you don’t want to have to keep going back to your campsite take clothes you can tie around our waist.”

Comfortable shoes are also a must.

“Make sure you bring comfortable shoes and a pair of gumboots aren’t a bad idea either because it has been wet in the past."

Gemma suggests wearing colourful outfits so you can spot your friends.

For full details on camping at Splendour in the Grass see Splendour in the Grass 2010 camping details.


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