PHOTO FINISH: 'Bapi and Gutharra' was the overall winner of the Ocean Shores Art Expo.
PHOTO FINISH: 'Bapi and Gutharra' was the overall winner of the Ocean Shores Art Expo.

Spectacular new artists

THE 14th Ocean Shores Art Expo was another huge success, with 50 art works sold by local artists, 16 more than last year.

One of the organisers Rosie Kaplan said the theme 'Spirit of The Land' brought out the best in all of the exhibiting artists with some of the school work of an exceptional quality.

"The Rainbow region is creating spectacular new artists,” she said.

"Choosing a winner by committee is often a difficult task. This year the committee's Expo Prize choice was unanimous.”

The winning art work, by photographer Mary McCarthy, is called Bapi and Gutharra (Snake and Grandchild).

Other prize winners were: Janet Mackay (mixed media), Johann Sobotta (watercolour), Libby Valentine (oil and acrylic), Alison Allcock (sculpture), Liz Barker (printmaking, drawing and pastels), Rose Dadon (photographic and digital).

Next year's theme of 'Treasures' was announced at the awards ceremony.

"Huge thanks to our generous and talented judges: Michelle Dawson (oil and acrylic), Ken Ball (photographic and digital), Catherine Lee (sculpture), Zom Osbourne (watercolour, gouache and mixed media) and Virginia Reid (printmaking, drawing and pastels),” Ms Kaplan said.

"Art went on throughout out the weekend with 40 artworks created on Sunday morning at the Alcohol Inks interactive workshop.

"In the afternoon, Dangerously Poetic offered beautiful and thought provoking poetry and sinuous hula dancing.

"The whole event could not happen without input from countless volunteers and sponsors and thanks everyone for the support.”

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