Sheri and Emilie pictured during their instant restaurant in Toowoomba.
Sheri and Emilie pictured during their instant restaurant in Toowoomba. Paul Broben

Soul sisters win over MKR judges with crunchy crackling

A NEW crop of home cooks jumped on the My Kitchen Rules rollercoaster tonight.

Queensland mates Sheri and Emilie were the first team in group two to host their instant restaurant.

The Toowoomba "soul sisters" proved they had a solid foundation of cooking skills thanks to their grandmothers, to whom they paid tribute with their retro Finders Keepers theme.

The duo got star-struck when judges Pete Evans and Manu Feildel arrived, as did several of the other teams.

The fresh faces around the dinner table included the reality cooking show's first mother-son team Rose and Josh, sporty Sydneysiders Adam and Carol and oyster farmers Matt and Rob.

It didn't take long for Perth workmates Eva and Debra to notice Rob's resemblance to his famous cousin Chris Hemsworth.

But the biggest characters appear to be larger-than-life mum and daughter Vicky and Celine from Adelaide.

Sheri and Emilie served up a generous entrée but their fish tortillas lacked the spice the judges expected.

"I enjoyed it but you didn't take me to Mexico at all," Manu Feildel said.

"It was really missing the main flavours that you want when you're eating Mexican. I wanted the chilies, the jalapenos; I wanted the coriander… I want my lips to burn."

Taking on the constructive criticism from the judges, whom Sheri likened to "disapproving fathers", the girls took extra care to ensure their pork belly was soft with a crunchy crackling.

But in doing so they set off the smoke alarms and their guests waited more than two hours for the main course.

 "It's not easy to get a beautiful crackling and this one was just little bubbles of fat crunching under my teeth," Manu said.

Pete added: "A little bit of refinement.. and you'll have a perfect score soon".

But things got emotional for Emilie when her dessert, inspired by her great-grandmother, didn't turn out as expected.

By baking the doughnuts instead of frying them, they resembled muffins more than doughnuts.

"I wish I could say this is remarkable," Pete said.

"Some things are best left to tradition and the classics. I applaud you for trying to go the healthy route but because of that it basically turned into a little muffin cake."

Emilie described the night as a rollercoaster.

"But we got through it together," she said.

Perth's Eva and Debra cook tomorrow night and vowed to "smash it with spice".


Sheri and Emilie's Menu

Entrée: Fish tortillas

Main: Pork belly with horseradish mash and Mum's essential greens

Dessert: Dunking doughnuts

Score: 63

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