Sophie Monk appeared as a guest Quizmaster on Monday night's episode of Have You Been Paying Attention?
Sophie Monk appeared as a guest Quizmaster on Monday night's episode of Have You Been Paying Attention? Channel 10

Sophie Monk stuns TV panel with low-cut dress

SOPHIE Monk set pulses racing during an appearance on Have You Been Paying Attention? last night after appearing on the show in a very revealing low-cut dress.

The current Bachelorette laughed with host Tom Gleisner and panellists including Glenn Robbins and Sam Pang as she admitted she didn't think anyone would watch her season of the dating show, telling them: "Even I didn't want to."

It didn't take long for the contestants to comment on their Guest Quizmaster's racy look, with Nova radio host Pang telling her that standing next to Gleisner had provided the show's "most Edelsten moment ever" - a nod to eccentric millionaire Geoffrey Edelsten's penchant for younger women.

Ed Kavalee quickly corrected him, declaring Gleisner and Monk were more like the US President and First Lady, with a "Trump-esque" vibe.

While discussing the stress of trying to get the answers right, Pang joked: "We're under a lot of pressure - almost as much as Tom while he's trying to maintain eye contact [with Sophie]," in a cheeky dig at the reality TV star's daring neckline.

Monk, who recently announced she's fallen in love through the dating reality show, has been trying to keep her new relationship under wraps after admitting she's found "the perfect man".

"There was a time when I had baggage, when I wasn't in the best place," the singer, actor and TV and radio host told the Daily Telegraph earlier this month.

"I really have had to work on that to be in the place where I am today."

Monk, whose failed celebrity romances have included Aussie actor Sam Worthington and US rocker Benji Madden, said "there was a time when I thought maybe I would never find someone".

But thanks to Channel Ten's matchmaking skills, that's all changed.

"When I was young all I wanted to be was like my Mum and have kids," she said.

"But I understand that my lifestyle meant I couldn't have a relationship like my Mum and Dad. But, the man I have now found is the perfect man for me."

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