FAN FAVOURITE: KFC is selling Mashies - with a twist - for the first time in eight years.
FAN FAVOURITE: KFC is selling Mashies - with a twist - for the first time in eight years.

Snack back! KFC has answered your prayers

KFC Facebook fans have been pecking at the fast food giant for more than eight years to bring back Mashies, deep-friend balls of mashed potato.

Now they've done it, launching Gravy Mashies, which are only available in Australia in a world-first.

"Fluffy mash and oozing gravy meet to create crunchy, golden, delicious morsels of goodness," the chain gushes about the snack.

Sparked by an overwhelming number of enthusiastic posts, tweets, petitions, dedicated Facebook pages and phone calls from devoted fans, the voices are the reason the new version of the cult favourite is back.

Since Mashies were taken off the KFC menu eight years ago, diners' outcries reached a point where they could no longer be ignored.

KFC marketing director Angela Richards said: "Our fans have spoken, and we had to listen."

"We decided to bring them back more delicious than ever and this time round incorporated an oozing gravy center.

"When we trialled them in Tasmania in 2015 we sold over 130,000 Gravy Mashies in under two weeks!

"There were thousands of comments on our social post with people outside of Tassie begging for them and asking when they were going to get them.

"When you have fans who are this passionate about a product, you have to give them what they want.

"We want to do right by our fans by bringing them back."

Given the snack will only be in stores for a limited time and with its cult-like following, KFC will be auctioning the last serving of Gravy Mashies on eBay to help raise much needed funds for the Reach Foundation.

KFC has been helping Reach support young Australians to get the most out of life for the past 14 years and has collected and donated more than $1.5 million to the charity.

Gravy Mashie fanatics will be able to bid on a lot more than just the last serving of the delicious snack.

The highest bidder will be treated to a once in a lifetime tour of the KFC test kitchen in Sydney to enjoy the dish, including return travel to KFC's Sydney HQ and accommodation.

The auction will be up and available for bids on eBay from October 19 with the last 15 minutes of the auction being hosted on Facebook live streamed from KFC's Facebook page.

KFC says an "extra-special famous Mashie fan" will host the auction.

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