Man arrested after firing shot at police during pursuit

A COUTTS Crossing man has been arrested and will face court today after firing a shot at police during a pursuit and siege drama this morning.

Grafton duty officer Inspector Murray Gillett said police received a "concern for welfare" call last night about 10pm and spoke to the man's parents.

"We spoke to his mum and dad, who said he was not there, so we requested a triangulation of his mobile phone location," Insp Gillett said.

The trace revealed the man was on the Old Lilypool Rd at South Grafton, but when police approached about 2am, he drove off.

"As he drove off it appears he put a revolver out of the window of the car and fired a shot at police," Insp Gillett said.

"There was only the one round fired."

The man drove to his parent's house in Coutts Crossing where police convinced the man to put the gun in the letterbox.

"He went into the house, where we thought there might be more firearms," Insp Gillett said.

Police placed security perimeter around the house and commenced negotiation with the man.

He surrendered to police at about 6am.

Inspector Gillett said a forensic team was gathering evidence from the car, which has been siezed and his residence in Kangaroo Creek Rd, Coutts Crossing.

He is due to appear in Grafton Local Court today.

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