Indie Fitzgerald has had a relapse and is back at Nambour Hospital.
Indie Fitzgerald has had a relapse and is back at Nambour Hospital.

'Nearly at the end': Indie back home after latest scare

UPDATE: INDIE Fitzgerald has been allowed to go home from hospital, but her family is keeping their overnight bag packed in case her health deteriorates quickly again.

Mum, Bec Fitzgerald said Indie had been discharged from Nambour Emergency Department as doctors believed a viral condition was behind her high temperatures and declining health.

"We're back home, but we are not sure if we will end up taking her back in or not," she said.

"It looks like a viral infection, but we are waiting to see what happens."

The family has also decided to give all Indie's planned Christmas presents to the Sippy Down's Animal Refuge as their sick little girl doesn't need more toys she is unable to play with.

"We love our animals and we decided the refuge would be a good place to give it to," Bec said.

"We are super excited to be doing this and we know Indie would be happy too."

The plan is to drop the donation off on Boxing Day and, if Indie is well enough, enough some cuddles with the kittens and puppies while they are there. 

EARLIER: Indie Fitzgerald has been rushed to the Nambour Emergency Department again as the dying little girl's body succumbs to a viral illness.

Dad, Dean Fitzgerald, has had to take another day off his casual job to be by his daughter's bedside, not knowing if the little fighter will pull through again.

On November 14, Indie was rushed to hospital after a vomiting episode.

Her illness was so severe, the family began making funeral arrangements.

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She pulled through and was able to go home for her younger sister Ivy's second birthday.

But it is only a matter of time.

Indie, who is four-and-a-half, has an extremely rare disease called Infantile Neuraxonal Dystrophy (INaD). It progressively eats away at her brain function and is terminal.

Mum, Rebecca, said Indie had been pretty stable until this morning, November 28.

"She woke up with high temperatures and is pretty miserable," she said.

"It may be just be an infection, but we have taken her to Emergency to get checked out."

The girl with the adorable blue eyes first started displaying systems something was wrong when she was around two.

It was initially believed she may have cerebral palsy as her ability to walk and talk deteriorated. The official diagnoses, which came a year later, was far worse.

She is one of only a few hundred children in the world to have Infantile Neuraxonal Dystrophy, which slowly takes away all her functions.

She can no longer walk, talk or even hold her head upright. She communicates with her eyes.

Bec said her eyesight was also deteriorating.

"This is a sign she is nearly at the end," she said.

The family know they don't have a lot of time left with their precious first born.

But thanks to the generosity of the Sunshine Coast and the rest of Australia after the Daily wrote a story on Indie's condition, donations have been pouring in.

The IGA in Wises Road has donated the family much needed groceries for a few weeks and many have placed funds into the family's bank account.

While they do have a Gofundme page, a percentage of these funds goes to pay for Gofundme hosting the page.

Dean only gets paid for the days he works and Bec can't work while looking after a terminal ill child and the family's finances are always stretched.

"We are hoping for a good Christmas, fingers crossed," Bec said.

"We would love a holiday, but we can't fly any more because Indie's isn't allowed to."

A Melbourne family has also organised a fund-raiser for the family through their Christmas lights display.

"Sue Wynn is lighting her house up with all the funds raised to go to Indie," Bec said.

If you can help this family, please donate to their bank account, Indie Fitzgerald, Commonwealth Bank, BSB064239, Account Number10083874.

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