Shopper loses compo as Coles appeals decision

A SYDNEY shopper has been stripped of the $120,000 payout she received for slipping over in the dairy section of a Coles supermarket.

Charlene Menegehello won her battle for compensation last year after claiming she had fallen on her shoulder after tripping on a piece of cupboard at one of the North Shore stores.

According to the Herald, the presiding judge found the cardboard had been left on the ground by a Coles worker.

The supermarket giant appealed against the decision and a panel of judges ruled in its favour on Monday.

The Court of Appeal heard that while Ms Menegehello may have seen cardboard on the floor, there was no evidence her foot actually touched it.

It was the second time Coles was in court this month.

Rennie Kissun successfully sued and won more than $117,000 in damages for injuries she received when she slipped in a puddle of water at one of the stores in Sydney's west.

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