Shining light on charity run

SOME were there because they are fast and fit and others were just there for a bit of fun.

The annual Byron Bay Lighthouse Run was held yesterday morning, attracting more than 700 people to participate in either the 10km run or the 6.5km walk.

The event is a fundraiser for Our House and a Nepalese-based charity called Langtang Valley Health.

One of the organisers, Brigid Kraner, said the clinic was set up by a friend of hers to provide primary health care to people in a remote Nepalese village, with money from the fun run going to help pay the nurses' wages.

"At the beginning of the year she had health issues and I had cancer, and in helping each other through that she was involved in setting up some infrastructure in Nepal and some local people asked her to set up a clinic...So they are both charities that are very close to my heart.

"Mostly it (the fun run) is about participation, but there is also this wonderful good feeling for all the runners and for me and the other volunteers," Ms Kraner said.

First in the women's race was Glenda Banaghan in a time of 42.59.

"She was in the 40-49- year-old category, whereas we would normally expect the overall winner to be in the 17-29 category, but she just had such a beautiful run," Ms Kraner said.

Ms Kraner said they have a lot more runners than walkers, with 150 people joining the 6.5km walk and the rest doing the run.

Now in its seventh year, the event continues to attract more participants each year.

"We're growing from a rock-solid base," Ms Kramer said. "We have people wearing T-shirts from the first year when there were only about 100 people who keep coming back. So I think it will keep on growing."

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