Chris Lilley as Ja'mie King.
Chris Lilley as Ja'mie King. Ben Timony

She's, like, back: Chris Lilley's Ja'mie gets her own show

AUSTRALIA'S favourite mean girl Ja'mie King is back in a new series.

The ABC today announced details of funny man Chris Lilley's highly anticipated return to TV as self-obsessed private school teen Ja'mie, whom viewers first met in his acclaimed series We Can Be Heroes.

The new series follows in the footsteps of Lilley's Australian American co-production Angry Boys, which was met with mixed reviews largely for Lilley's portrayal of an African American rap wannabe.

Titled Ja'mie: Private School Girl, the series follows Ja'mie in her final year of school, seeing her "far removed from the hallowed grounds of Summer Heights High and back on the lush manicured lawns of Hillford Girls Grammar School".

The six-part half-hour comedy, co-produced by Lilley and Princess Pictures in association with ABC TV in Australia and HBO in the US, will air later this year on both ABC and HBO.

It will also screen on BBC Three in the UK.

"I find teenage girls endlessly funny," Lilley said.

"So being able to write for and play the meanest bitch in school has been so fun. I can't wait to show everyone what Ja'mie's been up to."

But according to the ABC's online poll, which asked viewers which of Lilley's characters they would most like to see return in a new show, it was high school troublemaker Jonah and drama teacher Mr G from Summer Heights High who got the most votes. Ja'mie was the third most popular.

Fans can keep up to date on Lilley's new show ahead of its release on Twitter and Facebook.

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