Jack Bird will move to the Broncos.
Jack Bird will move to the Broncos. Scott Barbour

Sharks teammates back Bird to star

CRONULLA Sharks veteran Luke Lewis says the team is behind Jack Bird ahead of his move to Brisbane next season.

Lewis said he had spoken to the star back and was sure he was back to himself after negotiations about his switch to the Broncos were completed.

"I've been through it as well and I said to him it's going to feel a little bit weird knowing that you're going to be in a different side," Lewis said.

"He said he felt like that for a couple of days but now it's all over - all the boys are behind him."

Bird was influential in the Sharks' impressive 28-2 win over Penrith on Easter Sunday and scored a try after a disappointing first few rounds of the NRL.

Lewis said Bird's performance was also proof his pending move away from the Sharks was now not affecting his game.

"He came out and proved on the weekend that it wasn't much of a distraction," Lewis said.

"I thought he played outstanding for us."

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