LOCAL: Byron Bay artist Shai Shriki has a new album of World Music.
LOCAL: Byron Bay artist Shai Shriki has a new album of World Music.

Shai Shriki comes with Strings Attached

STRINGS Attached is the latest music release by Byron Shire musician Shai Shriki.

The Israel-born artist, who grew up in a Jewish-Moroccan family of musicians, will be singing and playing Oud and guitars at the album launch this weekend.

"In my band I'll have Avishai Barnatan (Israel) playing the Ney (Arabic flute) and Turkish Clarinet, Yossi Haile (Ethiopia) on bass and Jamie Patugalan on drums," he said.

"I will have some of my best friends and music colleagues Amir Paiss, Murray Kyle, Si Mullumby as well as a few other surprises."

The artist said the album's name, Strings Attached, is perfect in more ways than one.

"I guess it's a double meaning, the obvious one as a string instrumentalist is I'm attached to the strings and the other is fully committed," he said.

"The title instrumental piece was written some years ago and was developing around the same time as my partner at the time (my wife now) had to go away to sort out residency permits and we had to spend three month apart.

" As I was recording this piece on this album, the name Strings Attached came to me as a memory of the strong bond we share."

Shai Shiriki said the album was inspired by the true nature of simplicity.

"The vision was to capture the authentic sound of the instruments and voice in the most natural way," he said.

"Just as it's been played at home or by the fire with friends.

"All the tracks where recorded in one take, from beginning to end, with a few overdub solo sections.

"Seven (were recorded) with no click track (metronome), just raw and as real as it gets. The main goal to achieve was to make the listener feel like we are actually in the same space together. Like I'm playing in your living room or in the passenger seat of the car.

The musician will tour the East Coast including shows in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, the Gold Coast and Adelaide.

Visit shaishriki.com to check out his music.

  • At the Byron Theatre, 69 Jonson St, Byron Bay, this Saturday from 8pm.

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