Severe storms keep schoolies arrests down on Gold Coast

POLICE arrested 19 schoolies during the first weekend of celebrations on the Gold Coast.

Police, who were pleased with the behaviour from most schoolies throughout the festivities over the weekend, arrested 43 schoolies during the same time period last year.

On the first night, Friday, there were no schoolies arrested or fined but there were 30 non-schoolies arrested on 45 charges - mostly public nuisance, good order or drugs offences.

Many schoolies opted to stay in their accommodation on Saturday night after severe storms during the afternoon.

But police did arrest nine schoolies on 11 offences, mostly for being drunk or public nuisances.

There were also three schoolies arrested for minor drug offences.

Nine schoolies were also issued with liquor infringement notices for drinking in a public place compared to 47 for the same day last year.

There were 51 non-schoolies arrested on 57 charges.

On Sunday night, police arrested 10 schoolies on 13 offences and issued 115 liquor infringements notices.
Police also arrested 25 non-schoolies on 41 charges and issued 32 non-schoolie liquor notices.

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