Seven years jail for woman who twice shot house mate

A WOMAN who twice shot her house mate during a drunken tantrum has been acquitted of attempted murder but found guilty of committing a malicious act with intent.

By its verdict, the jury had found Coral Suzanne Sharp, 55, had intended to cause grievous bodily harm to Rex Boyes, 72.

Sharp had been living in Mr Boyes home on his property near Swanfels east of Warwick at the time.

She had known Mr Boyes since 1996 and regularly shared his home, Toowoomba Supreme Court heard.

On February 8, last year, just after 6pm, a drunken Sharp had become agitated and Mr Boyes had left the house to put distance between them.

As he opened the gate on his driveway, Sharp had fired a .22 rifle at him, the bullet striking him in the stomach and exiting out the other side.

As he tried to walk on, she shot him again, this time in the left leg with the bullet exiting and going into his right knee where it remains today, the court heard.

Through her barrister Robbie Davies, Sharp had in January offered to plead guilty to the charge of malicious act with intent, to which she was ultimately found guilty, but the Crown had rejected the offer, preferring to try her for attempted murder.

Through her solicitor, Sharp offered an apology to Mr Boyes who was present in court during the sentencing hearing yesterday afternoon.

Crown prosecutor Sarah Farnden told the court Mr Boyes bore no ill feeling toward Sharp and believed "it was the drink that shot him and not the Coral he knew".

Justice Debra Mullins noted Sharp had no previous criminal convictions and accepted she was a chronic alcoholic who suffered a difficult personality disorder.

"Alcohol is often an explanation for behaviour but it's not an excuse," Justice Mullins told her.

Sharp was sentenced to seven years jail but will be able to apply for release on parole as of December 17, 2015, after having served two years and four months.

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