Miron Bleiberg during his time as Gold Coast United coach.
Miron Bleiberg during his time as Gold Coast United coach. DAVE HUNT

Second Brisbane team well worth considering

MIRON Bleiberg said this week there is a consortium ready to put up the money for a second A-League team in Brisbane.

While I agree with the former Brisbane Roar and Gold Coast United coach that there is room for another team in south-east Queensland, I would offer a word of caution.

Bleiberg must know himself how hard it is to attract crowds to the Gold Coast, and that lack of fans was the primary reason the club folded with barely a whisper in 2012.

He has been outspoken in the past about expansion in the Sunshine State but you only have to look at what happened to the North Queensland Fury to see just how hard it is to sustain another club in Queensland.

Bleiberg was quoted this week saying: "You have a derby, at least 30,000 at Suncorp, more media interest, more fans and more chances for local players.”

That's all very well but I think the key thing about any proposed new club is where it is located.

I believe heading west towards Ipswich would be the way to go.

But a lot of water will have to pass under bridge before it happens because those involved will not want to end up with more egg on their faces if another Queensland club falls by the wayside.

If you believe Bleiberg then plans are definitely in place.

"I'm not authorised to speak on their behalf, but I can tell you there is movement,” he said this week.

"There is a group of local people, they are capable, they have the money, most importantly they love the game, and they are ready.”

Football Federation Australia said last week expansion was high on the agenda, especially with a new broadcast deal due to take effect at the start of the 2017-18 season.

The FFA has already suggested - without saying when - that two new franchises would be added to the A-League to make it a 12-team competition.

The only thing the powers-that-be have to counter is what would happen with two teams in Brisbane?

The Roar has already struggled financially. The last thing anyone needs is more money woes if another club came in.

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