Seal performs at Bluesfest 2018 in Tyagrah in Byron Bay.
Seal performs at Bluesfest 2018 in Tyagrah in Byron Bay. Marc Stapelberg

Seal's charm leaves fans swooning

SEAL fans were "Crazy” with excitement when the English singer treated the Byron Bay Bluesfest crowd to his smooth show.

It was easily one of the biggest crowds yet over the festival, with people flocking to the tent early to get a good spot.

The anticipation was easily felt in the massive crowed before he came on stage and Seal worked the show as to build the audience's enthusiasm as he went along.

Coming on stage dressed in black in perfect form he started his show with songs from his latest Standards album, treating punters to some elegant and smooth jazz (which my friend said reminded him of Sinatra-esk Christmas carols) before jumping into hits such as Kiss From a Rose and Crazy, where predictably the enthusiastic audience went "crazy” themselves belting out lyrics and having a dance.

With an genuine display of love for music the audience was wowed by his vocals and charm.

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