This seal was photographed on Julian Rocks on August 31.
This seal was photographed on Julian Rocks on August 31. Whale Watching Byron Bay

Seal pups relax on Byron coastline

A PAIR of fur seal pups have been stealing hearts along the Byron coastline.

The first, dubbed "Julian" has been resting on Julian Rocks, while the second has been lying on the breakwall at Brunswick Heads as it recovers from an injury.

A seal pup was also spotted on local beaches in July.

National Parks and Wildlife spokesperson Lawrence Orel said it was fairly uncommon, but not that unusual to see seals on the North Coast, especially at this time of year.

Seal pups were weaned at this time of year and their mothers "kicked them out into the big bad ocean".

He said both pups and adults needed to come on shore to rest or to recover from injuries, and tended to haul themselves onto beaches or rocky outcrops.

They usually stayed for couple of days before continuing on.

While the most northern seal colony in NSW is on Montague Island, off southern NSW, he said seals often swam this far to explore their "range".

More frequent seal spottings could also be a sign of seal populations recovering, he said.

And while they may look cute, they have a nasty bite, and should be given plenty of space.

"It's tempting to walk up to them, but if you get between it and the water its gets very stressed," he said.

"Seals are surprisingly agile on land and can move quickly.

"They also possess sharp teeth that can inflict serious injury."

It was especially important to keep dogs away, he said.

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