Seafood saves Ash and Camilla from MKR disaster

Ash and Camilla await feedback during their instant restaurant.
Ash and Camilla await feedback during their instant restaurant. Channel 7

NO AMOUNT of confidence could save Ash and Camilla from a roller coaster ride in the kitchen.

The French food-loving Melbourne women had just as many dramas as any other My Kitchen Rules team so far during their instant restaurant tonight.

They started the evening with a polarising entrée: steak tartare, or raw beef, with raw quail egg.

"A lot of people always say what would you eat for our last meal on Earth? One of the dishes would have to be steak tartare," judge Pete Evans said.

"When it's done well there is nothing better. You were close. The egg, you're not meant to put the white on there. Raw egg white is not great in your mouth. It's not the best tartare I've ever had but it was refreshing and it was clean. Every mouthful was quite enjoyable."

But Frenchman Manu Feildel was quick to point out the dish was not traditional.

Ash and Camilla get a visit from judge Manu Feildel during their instant restaurant.
Ash and Camilla get a visit from judge Manu Feildel during their instant restaurant.

 "What you've done here is put lemon juice in which actually cooked or cured the meat," he said.

"And I felt as much as it's pleasant to each, I'm still hanging for that creaminess, yumminess that I was looking for."

Feeling the pressure at the bottom of the leaderboard, Perth foodie Kat snapped at Annie and brought the bubbly musical theatre lover to tears.

But Texan Robert boosted the mood around the dinner table by telling a few of his signature cowboy jokes.

Ash and Camilla looked ready to implode after Ash added too much orange zest to their bouillabaisse stock.

But after a "drama queen" moment in the kitchen, they were able to rescue their main course.

"This is definitely not a bouillabaisse," Manu said.

"But I loved it. You've got to be careful what you call things when you cook things. So you've got all of those flavours in there and it's a seafood stew of yours which is beautiful."

Pete said it was everything he wanted in a dish and awarded it with a perfect score.

Ash and Camilla pictured during their instant restaurant in Melbourne.
Ash and Camilla pictured during their instant restaurant in Melbourne. Channel 7

The main course would end up being the highlight of the evening after Ash and Camilla over cooked their dessert, turning what was supposed to be an oozing fondant into a dry chocolate pudding.

 "It wasn't fondant, the translation in French is melting so that's not what we got," Manu said.

"I just think the technique of this dessert was not right. It is a pity. Chocolate fondant either works or it doesn't. There's no in between."

After the high of a perfect score, Pete brought the pair back down to Earth by giving them just three points out of 10 for their overcooked fondant.

Adelaide sweethearts Annie and Lloyd will cook tomorrow night.


Ash and Camilla's Menu

Entrée: Steak tartare with quail egg and crostoli

Main: Bouillabaisse with rouille and baguette

Dessert: Fondant au chocolat with hazelnut ice cream

Score: 68

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