Schoolies brawl after Aussie disrespects Haka

A BRAWL has broken out among schoolies in Surfers Paradise after a young Aussie mocked a group of  New Zealanders performing the Haka.

The fight allegedly started when the Aussie and a New Zealander attacked each other in Cavill Mall, reports

The Gold Coast Bulletin filmed the event as police grabbed the Australian and isolated him from the pack around 11.15pm.

A few minutes later another schoolie has become involved in another fight but this time others have also come in.

More than a dozen were involved in the brawl and while police detained some next to a nearby kebab shop, one schoolie had to be tackled to the ground. 

""I was so scared ... it just happened right in front of us," one witness told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

"Schoolies should be a celebration, not a place to fight.

"The fight was caused because the New Zealanders were insulted by what the young guy did during the haka.

"I understand it was not polite to do what he did, but violence is not the answer.

"We all need to be more respectful to different cultures."

Schoolies isn't always the most positive experience even for those who behave themselves. 

When Lily Creek and her friends decided to go to Schoolies on the Gold Coast after graduating high school, they weren't sure what to expect. 

"There are so many people here, it's ridiculous," she told The Morning Bulletin.

"Last night (Sunday) there was the beach party and it was meant to be really good, but the mosh pit just smelt like fish."

"Last night we were walking back to our hotel and there was a guy getting arrested. Like he was just lying on the ground and his face was bleeding," she said.

"I heard there is a video of a girl that was walking on the ledge between two balconies, which is pretty stupid, but that guy getting arrest is the worst we've seen so far".

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