VISUALLY AMAZING: Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins in a scene from the movie Jurassic World.
VISUALLY AMAZING: Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins in a scene from the movie Jurassic World. UNIVERSAL PICTURES

MOVIES: Bigger, scarier and more roarsome Jurassic adventure


Stars: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D'Onofrio

Director: Colin Trevorrow

Rated: M

Reviewer: Megan Mackander

Verdict: 5 stars 


BIGGER, scarier, more teeth, more claws and an almighty roar.

It's been 22 years since Jurassic Park stomped on to our screens and audiences are looking for something to rival the outdated Tyrannosaurus Rex.

And this "roarsome" new take on a Steven Spielberg classic does not disappoint.

I'd say this is up there with the best movies of 2015.

The franchise endured two painful remakes before the dino-formula was done right with Jurassic World, out in cinemas now in both 2D and 3D.

The film does not hide from the fact that it is a re-look at a 1993 classic.

In fact, it plays on the pop-culture nostalgia.

Some old props from the original even crop up in the film - something sure to have fans smiling.

Jurassic Park has turned into Jurassic World: a tourist mecca to rival Disneyland on the remote island. There are rides, one-on-one herbivore dinosaur experiences, ice-cream shops, souvenir stalls and tour guides.

The park has certainly changed from the intentions of John Hammond who helped bring the dinosaurs back from extinction all those years ago.

Staff at the cheesy theme park (which I would love to visit, just quietly) are split between those who are all about the end dollar and employees who are truly passionate about the well-being of the dinosaurs.

Claire is a corporate businesswoman at the park who has a visit one day from her two nephews: Gray, the excitable young boy, and Zach, a brooding teenager. Between running the park and showing off park "assets" to potential investors, she has little time for the boys and palms them off to her assistant. The boys quickly cut lose and run away to do their own thing at the park.

It has been 22 years since Spielberg's original Jurassic Park, based on Michael Crichton's novel, hit the big screen. The only uneaten original character in movie No.4 is scientist Henry Wu (San Francisco's BD Wong).

He heads a team of scientists who must come up with a new, genetically modified dinosaur which meets all the market-tested needs of park visitors in order to keep up attendance numbers and hype.

So in comes the Indominous Rex. It's like a T. Rex, only bigger, tougher and scarier. He's a monster.

Hunky dinosaur expert and all-round tough guy with a golden heart, Owen Grady, is called upon by Claire to give his opinion on the new "Frankenstein" dinosaur.

But as the law of Jurassic Park movies dictate, things promptly go out of control with the new monster, so it's panic stations all-round.

The 15m killing machine is headed straight for the 22,000 guests at the entrance to the island.

Claire teams with Owen to not only try and bring things under to control but also to find her two nephews who have gone missing in the emergency and find themselves at the jaws of the monster dinosaur.

And might I add she does the entire lifesaving manoeuvre with her heels on?


This is when things get exciting. Or maybe that was just because I was sitting in the front row of the packed cinema that the gigantic teeth were right in front of my face?

Jurassic World was simply epic.

I was squirming in my seat, covering my eyes and verbally muttering: "Oh my God".

The film is like a rollercoaster and it's hard to predict what the monster dinosaur will do .... except obviously eat people.

The visual effects are fantastic in 2D or 3D.

A must-see on the big screen ... not behind your laptop.

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